Properties and benefits

Pachamama’s (Mother Nature’s) tastiest gift is purple, full of antioxidants, healthy omegas and totally vital nutrients. Often called the King of Superfoods, Açai reflects the world it comes from – biodiverse and amazing, the Amazon is unlike anything else on earth. And, for indigenous tribes, the origin story of the Amazon actually says the entire Amazon was born of a single seed of Açaí.
We harvest our Açai from the north of Brazil just like they’ve done it for centuries: by hand and with great care. It’s not just traditional, it really is the best way to do it.

Açaí has been part of the indigenous Brazilian diet for centuries because it’s versatile and powerful. This little berry is one of the only fruits on the planet to be naturally sugar free, packed with antioxidants, and full of healthy omegas – giving it a one of a kind mouth feel that’s rich, refreshing, and totally unique.

The benefits of Açaí are all found in the pulp-which is naturally packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids (like those in red wine). Unlike any other fruit, the real magic of Açaí is that it has a perfect combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, giving it a creamy mouth feel and loads of trace minerals and essential nutrients.

Açai’s a superfood that’s great on its own, but tastes even better with others. It’s naturally sugar free and has a super unique nutritional profile that helps you get supercharged with whole food nutrition. Stacked with healthy omegas and antioxidants, it’s traditionally blended into a thick smoothie bowl or blended with a little more liquid for a oomph-filled smoothie of killer Amazon power.

  • Fiber: helps Keeps your full, your belly healthy & may and in maintaining blood sugar.
  • Protein: for strength & sustained nutrition.
  • Omega 3, 6, 9: good fats and your brain & body.
  • Poweful antioxidants: immunity, heart health & free radical fighters.